TUFF Rings

14 years ago I took a lot of pride in designing my wedding ring, getting married and wearing it as a symbol of my love and commitment. Sadly working in outdoors I found it wasn’t safe to wear my ring. It would get cement and dirt in the grooves and I was at high risk of losing a finger or worse if it got caught. There may also have been a few extra beers and lunch bar meals which resulted in a bit of unplanned swelling and the ring was uncomfortable in the heat and when working with my hands.

Why TUFF Rings?

I also found that other workers weren’t wearing wedding rings for this exact same reason. I wanted to find an alternative that was stylish, flexible, comfortable and safe to wear at work. This was how TUFF Rings came along. Now I have a growing range of soft, non-toxic, waterproof, fireproof, anti-bacterial 100% silicone rings.

Whether you wear them purely for style or as a wedding band alternative, it doesn’t matter. They are great for tradies, if you love a good gym session lifting weights and equipment or simply prefer the flexibility and less sweating under a traditional wedding band. With work place injuries at an all-time high, and a love for my wife and daughter is so important to me that I had a safer alternative to minimise the risk of a work place injury. I certainly do not want to reduce any risks for my family’s future. With the silicone rings it was obvious that I would reduce that risk instantly.

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