TUFF Tips - FIFO Resume tips

TUFF Tips - FIFO Resume tips

by Aaron Gerovich on Mar 09, 2023


Tuff tips

Mining job resumes tips

by Kirsty Sewell 

As experts in the trades and industrial sector, Industry Resumes assist people with all levels of experience and expertise; from those wanting to change careers and enter the Mining industry to experienced trades people, operators, supervisors and managers. Here are 3 hot tips that are a must on your resume.

  1. Prepare your resume in advance. Shortlisting for jobs begins immediately, if you are submitting your resume within days of the job closing date there’s a good chance the job has already been filled. Your resume should always be current and readily available. You never know what opportunities are waiting around the corner.
  1. Ensure your resume is ATS compliant. Applicant Tracking Systems scan your resume to identify if you are a suitable applicant for the role. It will eliminate candidates that are not compatible with the job. A computer program is APPROVING or DECLINING your application before a person even looks at your resume. Use the correct formatting and keywords to optimise your job compatibility and make it to the next stage in the application process.
  1. Speak the language of the job and the industry you are applying for. Study the job advertisement and use similar terminology in your applications to demonstrate your strengths and ability to perform in such a role
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