TUFF Tips - Keeping the love alive

by Aaron Gerovich on Aug 24, 2022


 2 tips to keep the love alive

By Lisanne Lrik
Separation and divorce mediator from Perth.


Separation and divorce mediator from Perth, Lisanne Lriks –  shares the 2 biggest tips on staying connected as a couple after years of helping couple navigate the separation process when the love has gone..

Lisanne conflict and dispute mediator for families and workplaces, she has helped many people in her 10years and says, “there is a lot of unnecessary suffering when it comes to conflict resolution.”  Imagine if getting to this point could be prevent? Her extensive background of Law, Post law coaching and outselling, and extensive education in families and dispute resolution tells us her face to face and online work from Perth Australia gives us the confidence as a company to share her ideas around keeping the love alive.



Set time aside:

Being ships in the night, working hard, raising a family and getting frustrated at each other often tarnishes the joy of a marriage.  Actively set time aside with no phones, kids or interruptions.

Make it regular, even if its small amounts of time.


Focus goes where energy flows.

Its super easy to say what the other person is doing wrong, how they are stuffing up, what they should have known or done.. Problem is when we focus on this we see more and more of the stuff ups and that breeds a negative stye of communication and  connection.

Just think, if we talk about red cars.. all you see driving next time are red cars.

So.. Thank your partner for 3 things daily. What 3 things do they do that you are grateful for?

Imagine liking your partner for 3 things actively daily.. focus goes where energy flows. Could be verbally at dinner, before bed, when saying good by in the morning or even a cheeky daily lunch text.

Have a great time implementing these and for all your work place or family disputes check out Lisannes Instagram and website.  @lisanneiriks


Keeping the lovin real