The Importance of Listening in a Committed Relationship | TUFF Rings Australia

The Importance of Listening in a Committed Relationship | TUFF Rings Australia

by Aaron Gerovich on Sep 17, 2023

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Listening in a Committed Relationship

In a world where life often feels like a whirlwind of responsibilities and distractions, it's easy for couples to drift apart. The constant lure of mobile screens and the hectic pace of modern living can leave our partners feeling lonely, lost, and unheard.

This is not the kind of message we want to send in our marriages, and it's certainly not the recipe for the kind of communication that keeps the fires burning in the bedroom.

So, how can we ensure that we truly hear and understand our partners in the midst of life's chaos? Let's dive into the importance of active listening in a committed relationship and how you can use it to your advantage.

Put the Bloody Phone Down!

One of the most significant barriers to effective communication in the digital age is the omnipresent smartphone. When your partner is speaking, make a conscious effort to give them your full attention. Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and maintain eye contact. Engage in the conversation, nodding your head like a bobblehead on a dashboard. By doing this, you convey that you value their words and respect their presence.

Repeat After Me

After your partner has expressed themselves, it's essential to engage in active listening. Reflect back a summary of their thoughts and feelings, and validate their emotions by acknowledging and empathising with their experiences. Hold off on offering solutions or opinions for a few more minutes. This allows your partner to feel heard and understood, strengthening your emotional connection.


Patience is key in active listening. Ensure your partner has had the chance to express everything on their mind before you start talking. While it can be frustrating to wait, especially when time is limited, it ultimately leads to quicker and more productive outcomes.

Move It, Just a Little Bit...

Your body language speaks volumes. Show your partner that you're actively engaged in the conversation by nodding your head, maintaining an open posture, and using facial expressions to express interest and empathy.

Conversely, crossing your arms, checking the time, or sneakily glancing at your phone can lead to frustration and disconnect. Stay present and engaged.

Now's Your Time!

After actively listening to your partner's concerns, ask if they would like your help or advice. If their issue pertains to something outside your relationship, respect their wishes. Sometimes, all they need is a sounding board. However, if the concern is internal to your relationship, communicate how you can work together to address it. Under-promise and overdeliver by taking action and offering support. Small gestures can go a long way in reaffirming your commitment to each other.

Being a Good Listener Makes All The Difference

Remember that active listening is not a one-time event but a continuous practice that requires effort and intention. By consistently employing these strategies, you can foster better communication and maintain a strong connection with your partner, even during the busiest times in life.

Active listening has the power to save time, prevent unnecessary conflicts, and bring you closer in the midst of life's chaos. Perhaps it can even ignite some love and passion along the way!


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