TUFF Tips: Keeping The Love Alive

TUFF Tips: Keeping The Love Alive

by Aaron Gerovich on May 25, 2023

Hot Tips to Keep the Love Alive

Separation and Divorce Mediator Lisanne Iriks Shares Her Insights

Meet Lisanne Iriks, a highly experienced conflict and dispute mediator based in Perth. With over 10 years of helping couples navigate the separation process, Lisanne understands the challenges of keeping love alive in relationships that have lost their spark.

Lisanne believes that there is a significant amount of unnecessary suffering when it comes to conflict resolution. Her extensive background in Law, Post Law Coaching, and Outselling, combined with her extensive education in families and dispute resolution, has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to guide couples through their struggles.

Based in Perth, Australia, Lisanne provides face-to-face and online mediation services. Along with her valuable insights and techniques, Lisanne has shared her top 2 tips on how to keep the love alive.

TIP 1: Set Time Aside

In the midst of busy lives, it's common for couples to feel like ships passing in the night. The demands of work, raising a family, and constant frustrations can tarnish the joy of a marriage. That's why it's essential to actively set aside dedicated time with your partner, free from distractions like phones, kids, or interruptions.

Lisanne advises making this a regular practice, even if it's just for short periods. By prioritising this uninterrupted time together, you create an opportunity to reconnect and strengthen your bond.

TIP 2: Focus Goes Where Energy Flows

It's natural to notice and point out our partner's mistakes, flaws, and shortcomings. However, dwelling on negativity breeds a toxic communication style and weakens the connection between you. Lisanne encourages couples to shift their perspective by expressing gratitude instead.

Take a moment every day to thank your partner for three things you appreciate about them. By actively acknowledging their positive actions and qualities, you redirect your energy towards fostering a more positive and loving environment.

Imagine the impact of consciously appreciating your partner for three things each day—during dinner conversations, bedtime rituals, morning farewells, or even through a sweet daily lunch text.

Maintaing A Healthy, Happy Marriage 

Implementing these tips can transform your relationship and help you maintain a strong and loving connection. If you're facing any workplace or family disputes, be sure to check out Lisanne's Instagram and website at www.lifemediation.com.au. You can follow her on Instagram at @lisanneiriks.

Keep the love alive, and let TUFF Rings Australia be a part of your journey.

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