TUFF Tips: Planning Your Dream Wedding Floral Arrangements

TUFF Tips: Planning Your Dream Wedding Floral Arrangements

by Aaron Gerovich on Jun 09, 2023

Top Wedding Planning Tips from Lime Flowers

Lime Flowers absolutely love creating weddings and working with their fabulous couples to bring their visions to life! We spoke with Lorrae - owner and senior Florist at Lime Flowers to get her top 3 tips for planning your floral arrangements for your dream wedding!

Tip 1: Don't feel you need to have all the details from the start

Providing us with some of your favourite inspiration pictures from Pinterest or Instagram is a great place to start, but having 20 different styles and ideas can be confusing for everyone. Instead, try to keep it to just a few pictures of your favourites, and then we can chat about what aspects you love and come up with a style and design unique to you for your day.

Knowing what you like and dislike can be more helpful than 20 pictures. Having some idea of what you require when you come in to see us, such as how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, whether you need ceremony flowers, reception flowers, etc., is great too... but don't panic, we are also there to talk you through various options of what you will require.

Tip 2: Flower choices and budget

It is important to consider what is in season and how much flowers cost. Much like groceries have increased lately, so have the costs of flowers! Let us know your budget, then we can be honest with you about what is possible and advise the best options to suit.

Having a few statement pieces, such as a hanging installation or floral pillars, may be a better way to showcase the flowers and give you some features for your big day. Sometimes the more expensive blooms, such as phalaenopsis orchids, can become a stunning focal point in some statement piece arrangements, rather than multiple smaller items.

Choosing flowers that are in season locally or available all year round can help with the costs and your flowers lasting throughout the day. Roses are a popular favorite as there are so many varieties and colors, and they work well as substitutes for things like peonies.

Chat to your florist about your favourite blooms, and they can advise on availability and what nice alternatives could work instead.

Tip 3: Relax and trust your florist and the process

Once you have chosen your florist, relax and trust them to bring your vision to life. That is our job as designers, and we love weddings!

Remember, planning your wedding flowers should be a fun and exciting experience.

By following these top tips from Lime Flowers, you can ensure that your wedding flowers are everything you dream they can be. Trust your instincts, communicate with your florist, and let your wedding day bloom into a beautiful celebration of love and happiness.

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