TUFF TIPS: Enhancing Sleep for Stressed Business Owners

TUFF TIPS: Enhancing Sleep for Stressed Business Owners

by Aaron Gerovich on Jun 18, 2023

Improving Your Sleep When Stressed as a Business Owner

Owning your own business can be rewarding, but it can also be more stressful than the typical 9-5 job. With the recent decision of the reserve bank to raise interest rates, the pressure on business owners is even greater. Increased stress levels can often disrupt sleep, leading to a dysregulated nervous system and a vicious cycle of stress and sleep deprivation. 

We spoke with Gloria Cicchini, a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner, who shared three simple tips to help you improve your sleep, feel healthier, happier, and more energetic, and ultimately drive greater success for your business, even in challenging times.

Tip 1: Eliminate Exposure to Blue Light

Our bodies have evolved to rise with the sun and sleep when it's dark. However, artificial light, especially blue light emitted by electronic devices, can interfere with this natural rhythm. To optimise your sleep, it's crucial to limit your exposure to blue light once the sun goes down. Start by switching off devices in the evening and consider using blue blocker sunglasses when watching television.

Additionally, activate the night shift mode on your handheld devices and switch your home lighting to soft yellow hue bulbs, as they have a lesser impact on sleep compared to bright, white lights. It's also important to ensure that all lights are turned off in your home at bedtime. Even tiny lights on devices can disrupt melatonin production, so consider charging your devices in a room where no one sleeps. If outside light is an issue, investing in blackout blinds or wearing a sleep mask can be effective solutions.

Tip 2: Write Down Your Thoughts

If you find yourself ruminating about business matters when you should be sleeping, it's essential to address those thoughts. Get up and write down all the things that are on your mind.

This simple action tells your subconscious mind that you have acknowledged and dealt with those thoughts, allowing your nervous system to downshift and relax.

Tip 3: Establish a Nighttime Ritual

Creating a nighttime ritual can signal to your brain that it's time to prepare for sleep. Humans thrive on predictability and routines, and adults can benefit from this just as much as children.

Consider implementing a bath, book, bed routine. Start with a relaxing Epsom salt bath or aromatherapy shower to unwind, followed by a magnesium oil rub to release tension in your muscles and calm your nervous system.

Then, settle down with a good book (in physical form, not on a device) to avoid exposure to blue light and promote a restful state of mind.

When To Seek Professional Help With Sleep Issues

For many people, incorporating these three tips into their routine can significantly improve sleep quality.

However, if you find that these measures are not enough, it may be time to seek guidance from a sleep expert who can provide personalised advice and support.

Remember, prioritising your sleep and well-being is not a luxury but a necessity, especially when you're managing the demands of running a business.

By taking care of yourself and ensuring adequate rest, you'll be better equipped to navigate the challenges and drive your business toward success.

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