TUFF TIPS - Relationship Advice from a Real Married Couple

TUFF TIPS - Relationship Advice from a Real Married Couple

by Aaron Gerovich on Jun 29, 2023

Building a Strong Foundation for a Happy Marriage

Building a successful marriage requires dedication, compromise, and a willingness to grow together as a team. As a real married couple, Kacey and I move through the seasons of our relationship with a goal to thrive. 

In this blog post, we will share our insights on establishing non-negotiables, working as a team, and celebrating ongoing commitment.

We also discuss the importance of practical considerations, such as wearing wedding rings to the job site, and of course, we recommend TUFF Rings Australia Silicone rings for their safety and durability!

Non-Negotiables: The Foundation of a Strong Relationship

Establishing non-negotiables is essential for a healthy and fulfilling marriage. These are the core values, beliefs, and boundaries that you and your partner agree upon and commit to upholding.

Take time to reflect on your individual needs and desires, and have open and honest conversations to identify shared non-negotiables.

Examples may include trust, respect, effective communication, and shared goals. By setting clear boundaries and expectations, you create a strong foundation for your relationship to flourish.

Here are a few of our non-negotiables as a couple:

1. We do not buy things we have not saved for.

2. All avenues of communication are open for each other; no hidden passwords, social media or emails.

3. We understand we only know how to be in a relationship from what we have learned. As we unlearn unwanted behaviors, we create an environment of kindness where we provide one another with space, time, and support to foster growth in our new modes of communication.

4. We are willing to go to therapy, courses and learn both personally and as a couple

5. Kacey is allowed to put her cold feet on me in bed...

We have a good list we review, whilst this was not instigated by me it has been a game changer and we both love being so clear.

Working as a Team: Supporting Each Other's Growth

A successful partnership requires teamwork. Understand that you and your partner are individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses. Embrace these differences and use them to complement each other's abilities.

Work together to identify each other's strengths and passions, and find ways to support each other's personal and professional growth. Communication is key in maintaining a strong team dynamic, so make sure to listen actively, offer constructive feedback, and find compromises when necessary.

Celebrating Ongoing Commitment: Small Gestures with Big Impact

To nourish your marriage, it's crucial to celebrate and acknowledge the ongoing commitment you have made to each other. Celebrations need not be extravagant; small gestures can go a long way.

Surprise your partner with a handwritten note, plan a date night, or simply express gratitude for their presence in your life. By regularly celebrating your commitment, you foster an environment of love and appreciation.

Our non-negotiable here: Tell each other how you feel about them, don't tell the world on social media. Tell them from the heart, to their face.

Practical Considerations: TUFF Rings Australia Silicone Rings

In today's active lifestyles, it's important to consider practicalities when it comes to marriage. If you or your partner work in environments where wearing a traditional metal wedding ring might pose safety concerns, we highly recommend TUFF Rings Australia Silicone rings.

Our silicone rings provide a safe and durable alternative, allowing you to proudly wear your commitment symbol wherever you go. With various styles and colours available, you can find a TUFF ring that matches your personal taste and preference.

Nourishing Your Marriage for a Happy Home and Work Environment

A successful marriage requires intentional effort, continuous growth, and a nurturing environment. By establishing non-negotiables, working as a team, and celebrating ongoing commitment, you too can create a strong foundation for a happy home and work environment with your partner.

Seek out relationship growth courses and have counselling a few times a year when things are good, not just in a rough season. This is exactly how we maintain our cars, houses, gardens.. our marriage is no different.

And don't forget the practical considerations, such as wearing TUFF Rings Australia Silicone Rings at work and at play!

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